Hamilton Dance Company

Even as we enjoy the beautiful relaxing days of summer, there still is plenty of activity at Hamilton Dance Studio. We are so excited about our recent performances and most of all our continued plans for our training dance company.

The training company offers unique and valuable opportunities for our students to improve and excel in dance. We are putting the finishing touches on the comprehensive curriculum we've designed specifically for company students. It is tailor made for a student who wants to reach the peak of his or her potential in dance, to be poised and expressive on stage, and perhaps even to audition for a performing arts high school or to pursue a professional career in dance. It has been proven in study after study that children and teens who develop the discipline required for focused training in dance will also tend to excel at school and in other areas of life. There are so many benefits to joining the training company that it’s hard to list them all.

The long term focused training program for students in the Hamilton Dance Company will also prepare them to have the skills necessary to audition for the performing arts high schools.

Membership in this company will be open to all students for a limited time.  In future, new members will be accepted by invitation only.

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Do you ever find yourself watching a movie or a video where some athletic young man busts out some amazing hip hop moves on the dance floor? Have you ever imagined that you could do that too? If you've ever felt that way, you owe it to yourself to check out our hip hop classes. If you feel shy or self conscious about letting loose, that's all the more reason to take hip hop classes. Our teachers will give you a boost of confidence while guiding you through the basics. Then they'll show you how to add on more complex moves and how to express yourself in your own unique way when you freestyle. Soon you'll be popping and locking alongside other aspiring b-boys as you build muscle and stamina while improving your coordination, balance and agility. This training will help you to be stronger in sports too. Come move to the beat, feel the energy and enjoy the fun and excitement of our hip hop classes.

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Have a great summer.
Keep active. Keep stretching. We can't wait to see you all again in September!