"As a beginner, I have a few regular classes I enjoy, but I am always looking to add to my roster. I recently found a new class that complements my other classes nicely-- in a totally different way. And it's taught by one of our own here on Ballet Talk, Willimus! I was curious about Willimus' adult beginner classes, which sounded like they were small (3-6 people), so I attended one last night over at Hamilton Dance Studio's satellite site in Brookyln (Greenpoint).

It was different than other classes I take in NYC in that Willimus demonstrates EVERY single exercise in full, and often does all the exercises with us. In my other classes, instructors simply mark the steps, only occasionally showing the movement in full. As a beginner, I have no frame of reference for what the exercises are supposed to really look like so it helps so much to see it (so that's what it means to keep your torso still!). Also, Willimus' joy in dancing was infectious-- you can tell he loves what he does and engages fully, which I find really motivating. I also loved how Willimus made us all feel comfortable but still challenged-- including beginners who were there for their first class, and others who had a little more experience. All in all, a really fun class with great technical corrections, a refreshing change from some of the other classes I am taking. Highly recommend! "

Kristen Francis, Ballet Talk For Dancers

Hi Bill, It was great to meet you as well, and thank you so much for a great class. It was really, really wonderful, and absolutely perfect for a first class back. It's difficult to find teachers who are so attentive to the needs of their students and clear about the technique and corrections. Please do keep me updated about your teaching schedule as I would love to continue taking class with you. Per your request, I will put you on my email list for any performances that come up--nothing scheduled right now, unfortunately, but hopefully something will soon come to fruition! Again, thank you so much, and it was lovely meeting you. Hope to see you soon.

Aimee Plauche

This is really a terrific class! It is just wonderful how you can teach classical ballet with such a warm and welcoming manner. You seem to have an innate ability to focus in on each student as an individual, make them feel comfortable, address their needs and still make the class accessible to dancers of all levels. The quality of this class is so much higher than I would have ever expected. What a treasure it is to find a class like this in Brooklyn.

Andrew Faughnan, former member of the Dutch National Ballet

We are so happy to have found your company. You have no idea the influence one hour of dance has on our daughter. She is dancing all around the house now!!

Robin Halsey

Thank you for providing my daughter with such great dance/movement skills and the happy memories she is making at Hamilton Dance.

Mrs. Siek