Toddler Program

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Contact: Erica


Call: 917.620.8905

Run and Read: Run and Read is an interactive story telling class where we will move our bodies as we become the characters in the book we read. We will also have some open gym time and sing some songs. This is a drop off class.

Ages: 2-4

Toddler Dance I: This class includes an adult participating in the class along with each child. We will have fun moving together while the adult encourages and supports the child. Small children use their body to communicate and express themselves. Too often as we grow up we lose that connection to the body. Dance helps us keep developing our body language. In this class, we will work on body awareness, exploring ways to move different body parts. We will strengthen motor skills and coordination, playing with how different moods affect how we move our bodies. The most important thing is connecting these very young children to a lifelong joy of movement.

Ages: 2

Toddler Dance II: Dance is the language of the body. So in this class we will use our bodies to express what might be hard to say with words. Through play, improvisation, and the joy of movement we will strengthen motor skills and enhance physical awareness. Each class will focus on different movement qualities and kinds of music. For example, we will experiment with how fast explosive movements feel vs. slow lyrical movements. We will listen to different kinds of music to experience how the tempo and character of the music feels different inner bodies (happy, sad, slow, fast, soft, sharp, etc.). We will also exercise our imaginations and learn how to relate to each other as we move like different animals or dance like a leaf falling off a tree or go on treasure hunts or simply explore different ways to walk, jump, run, and stop.

Ages: 2-3

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