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Ballet is the cornerstone of all dance styles. Dancers must have a solid grounding in Ballet if they are interested in dance as a career or wish to audition for any performing arts specialty school. Hamilton Dance Ballet is based on classical technique. Emphasis is placed on correct body alignment, mechanics and musicality. Music and Ballet history are addressed to supplement the study of movement.

Ages: 7 and up
Class Composition: Barre, Center Floor Work, Across the Floor Combinations

In ballet class, students will learn the foundation of dance and the fundamentals that they will be able to apply to every other style of dance in which they participate. In order for our students to gain the maximum benefit of their ballet education, we incorporate the study of dance culture and tradition, and we respect the strict discipline that is at the heart of the rituals of ballet class.

To ensure effective training and a safe environment, the following rules will be enforced in all ballet classes at Hamilton Dance:

In order to provide effective corrections and to be sure that the student is not developing bad habits that could lead to possible injury, it is crucial that the teacher be able to see exactly how the student’s body is moving. If a student's body is concealed under bulky clothing, this hinders the teacher's ability to be effective. Therefore, it is MANDATORY that the student’s wear the following to class:

1. Black leotard
2. Traditional ballet pink tights
3. Ballet split sole shoes with elastics sewn in place

1. White t-shirt
2. Black tights
3. Dance belt
4. Black ballet slippers with elastics sewn in place


Long hair must be secured in a bun. Please do this BEFORE you arrive at the studio. Ponytails and braids are not acceptable. When we practice turns, ponytails or braids can slap the student’s face.

In order for dancers to work safely, they must be properly warmed up. We start class with pliés, the most important exercise of the ballet warm up. This occurs approximately ten minutes after the start of class. Students who miss pliés will not be permitted to join class later. They will be marked absent and will have to make up the class. This policy is in place for the protection of the student. Teachers need to see to it that all students are properly warmed up when class starts, so that the student can minimize the risk of injury during class.

We are striving to give our students the best dance education possible. These traditional rules will help us teach effectively while seeing to the safety of all dancers. Please be advised that these rules will be enforced in all ballet classes at Hamilton Dance

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