Gymnastics | Tumbling

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Gymnastics emphasizes conditioning, flexibility, strengthening and internalizing certain basic maneuvers. It is an excellent addition for students of Hip Hop and Break Dance and is very good for children who need to get in shape. At Hamilton Dance Gymnastics encompasses floor work only. Students learn front and back rolls, front and back straddle rolls, cartwheels, round offs, front and back walkovers, handsprings and bridges (back bends.) Classes are divided by ability, not age.

Ages: 5 and up
Class Composition: Warm-up, Stretch, Floor Mat Work

Tumbling is a pre-gymnastics program for our youngest set. Students learn the basic maneuvers and rolls, including tuck, pike and front rolls, hand-stands and bridges (back bends), and are prepared for the more advanced Gymnastics program.

Ages: 3, 4, 5
Class Composition: Warm-up, Stretch, Conditioning and Technique