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Jazz has roots in Ballet and Modern yet draws on African rhythms and techniques, where various parts of the body are isolated in the movement. Background in Ballet or Modern is recommended for Jazz students. Jazz, in combination with Ballet and Modern, provides an excellent foundation for a dance career.

Ages: 7 and up
Class Composition: Warm-up, Stretch, Floor Work, Combinations

Bollywood Master

Bollywood Master: A class that will teach the fun and hip popping moves to high energy Hindi songs found in world famous Bollywood movies!

Bollywood dancing is a mixture of several different dance forms including classical Indian dances, belly dancing, Indian folk, as well as Western forms such as jazz, modern and hip hop.

Dancers are generally full of energy and animated, oftentimes acting out the words of the songs. Bonus- you may learn some Hindi in this class!

The instructor is trained in a classical Indian dance form (Bharat Natyam) and has been performing for over 25 years. She also trained in belly dancing for a few years and as a resident of Williamsburg, is very excited to bring her experience and culture to our community!

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