Classes begin Monday, September 11, 2018. Classes are held on a weekly basis and run through Saturday, June 22, 2019.

Your tuition is an annual fee broken down into ten (10) payments.

Your registration fee and first payment are due at registration.  Following payments are due the first week of every monthThere will be a $25 late fee for any payments 30 days past due.  You are responsible for payment up until the time you inform us, in writing or in person, that you are leaving the school. 

We do not give refunds for absences.  If you are absent, you may arrange to take a make-up class.  Make-up classes must be taken within four weeks of the absence and are valid only while you are registered in the school.  To avoid overcrowding, call to confirm when you will be taking your make-up class.  Any student who is absent for 8 or more classes will not be permitted to perform in the annual recitalStudents with prolonged illness must provide a doctor’s note and inform the office immediately!

If absences should exceed four consecutive weeks, you will not be obligated to pay for more than the first four weeks you missed, and you will be entitled to the make-up for those four lessons.

In the event of snow, if the NYC Public Schools close, we will close.  If the NYC Public Schools are open, we are open.  No refunds will be made.  Those days will be treated as absences and make-up classes must be taken.

Hamilton Dance is not responsible for any injuries sustained while in class or on the premises.  Hamilton Dance is not responsible for lost articles.

All students are expected to arrive on time and to BE IN UNIFORM.  Anyone arriving fifteen minutes late will not be permitted to take class and must make-up.  Anyone not in uniform will not be admitted to class, and again must take a make-up class.  Uniforms are purchased at the studio and must be ordered the first week of class.  A 50% deposit is due at the time of ordering.

Our job is to give all students the opportunity to pursue their goals.  Together with cooperation, hard work, and perseverance, we can achieve these goals and more!!


Registration   $30.00
Class Late Fee   $25.00 for ALL accounts past-due (30 days)
Costume Late Fee   $25.00 per costume
Returned Check Fee   $30.00
Performance Fee*   $250.00 per family (5 passes/plus recital DVD/VHS)

Performance Fee: Pays for the professional theater, professional technicians, union workers, dress rehearsal and the recital. You have the option of paying for the fee monthly, quarterly or in full by April 6, 2019. Set up your payment schedule at registration.

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1 Class hour per week $66.00   per month
1 ½ Class hour per week $99.00   per month
2 Class hour per week $132.00   per month
2 ½ Class hour per week $165.00   per month
3 Class hour per week $198.00   per month
3 ½ Class hour per week $231.00   per month
4 Class hour per week $240.00   per month
4 ½ Class hour per week $252.00   per month
5 Class hour per week $260.00   per month


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